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Antonio Sharra
Passion, fantasy, creative ability, the soul which makes the mind flow, images come out free and so rises my art.

Trusting ideas without limits, at the age of 19, after a lot of years of study, starts my production in Italy characterized by various influences of international artistic movements and based upon manifold pictorial and executive techniques.


At first the flowing of my sensitiveness has carried out works like portraits, still lives, bronze sculptures, experiences of trompe l’oeil, copies of author, oil painting with themes concerning landscape or with human subjects and some interludes of futuristic and modern artistic experimentation in general.

Within these works are well visible my preferences for Neoclassical and Renaissance backgrounds and subjects.

Therefore strong is the recall to an ancient atmosphere inspired by artists like Michelangelo, Donatello, Raffaello and Rubens.

Then important for my formative growth, has been a long period by a famous Paduan artist: Stefano Baschierato.


Also the magical Venice has become the subject of a lot of works of mine which reproduce the peculiarity of its uniqueness, especially from an architectural point of view.
With the passing of time, after a growing request of particular orders, I modified my interests to specialize finally in trompe l’oeil.

I have worked for a lot of years in the inside of the most famous villas of Venetia, a lot of them are part of the wonderful Riviera del Brenta.


The trompe l’oeil has now become my working specialization; so I carry out works in any kind of inside at good price, adapting my abilities to the various requires.
I offer my availability to work anywhere in Venetia, but for works of a certain size I can easly move throughout Italy and to other countries.
Beside the trompe l’oeil, I make on request any other kind of artistic technique.



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